‘Most important thing as a Professional Footballer is to know how to dive!’

 In Professional Footballer upon losing possession of the ball, you must perform a Dive. The more spectacular the Dive, the more points and better score you’ll achieve – maybe even being recognised as the real Neymar.

Once you enter the dive state you need to add Force Triangles, which will apply forces to the various parts of the Footballers body. To do this follow these instructions:
- Click on a body part (in the Web build the body part won’t be highlighted, if you download the Unity build, it will be highlighted in that)
- Next Right click where on the body part you want to apply the Force
- As you move your mouse away you will see a Force Triangle, the longer it is the more force is applied
- Once you’re happy with its length, right click again to finish placing
- You can press Undo to delete the last Force Triangle placed
- Finally click the Dive button when happy with everything


This game was made for the Pizza Jam 3, where we had to choose a game title from a list of ZX Spectrum Games, but only base our game on the name – not the game itself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ZX_Spectrum_games

We chose the game Professional Footballer, and made this physics based Diving game (due to Footballers habits of flopping around on the pitch).


Pizza Jam 3 - Professional Footballer Unity Build.zip 19 MB

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