Project: Heatwave

"You play as a packet of  Heatwave Crisps, which had undergone experiments for the military. Since becoming sentient your only goal is to escape the facility, and reach freedom."

The goal of Project: Heatwave is to escape the military facility you were being experimented on. This requires you to sneak past guards, inorder to avoid detection. Throughout the levels you will find your children (Crisps) that you can collected. You can then use your children/crisps to leave Heatwave Crisps on the floor. Any foolish guard who eats one, will be melted by that intense Heatwave flavour.  

Recommend running the game in full screen to fully show the UI


Movement: WASD or Left Analogue stick

Jump: Space or A Button

Place/Pick Heatwave Crisp: Q or B Button

Restart Game: Enter or Start Button

Install instructions

Once the Unity package has been downloaded, you just need to click on the Develop Game Jam - Heatwave Unity package to start the game.


Heatwave 18 MB

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