You wake up in a mysterious factory, no idea how you got there. As you explore the factory you discover you are not alone!


WASD - Movement

Shift - Sprint

E - Action/Item Pickup

Left Mouse Click - Attack

1/2/3/4 - Inventory Items

If you get stuck here is a rough guide:

- Left click infront of the Fire Axe to break the glass, press E to pick it up

- Use the Axe and attack the steaming pipe 3 times, put the axe away and press E to break the handcuffs

- In the Workshop, the torch is found in the Toolbox and the Oil Can in the Cabinet

- Once the cutscene has triggered, head north into the freezer, follow the blood and open the freezer and pickup the keycard with E

- Next head to the managers office up the steps in the main room

- Make a hole in the door by attacking it twice with the fire axe, then press E to open it

- On the left hand wall in the corner there is a button, press E and it will stop the Machine

- Check the NPC

- Head towards the Exit, in the reception there is a microwave, open it with E, equip the Gas Can and attack to put in the microwave, press E to close it and attack to start it, move away

- Once the explosion happens, go through the whole to complete the level

- This last bit can be done without saving the NPC

Made withUnity


SlaughterFactory 21 MB

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